Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for KLIFBOX?

It's a really easy one!

1 - pick up a plan: one (EDGE), three (BIG WALL) or six (SUMMIT) boxes.

2 - fill in your climbing profile: we might need this information for one box or another :)

3 - checkout: create an account and enter your shipping / billing details.

You’re one of us, now!

How does KLIFBOX work?

KLIFBOX is a bimonthly subscription box for climbers. Whether you are an outdoor beginner pr a gear guru, we’ll surprise you every two months with a brand new mix of products worth over 120€. You have the option to go box per box, pay once for 3 boxes (save 8€) or once for 6 boxes (save 15€ AND get a huuuge extra gift) :) 

What's in my KLIFBOX?

Hand-picked, premium climbing products. From gear to apparel, from collectable magazines to inspiring adventure books, discover every two months a bunch of surprises curated by our team of climbers and outdoor-lovers around the world. You may even get to try new products before they are officially launched! Last but not least, you’ll be reading exclusive interviews of brands’ founders and climbers in your bimonthly KLIFMAG. 

When is KLIFBOX sent out?

KLIFBOX ships once every two months, on the 13th: August - October - December -February -April - June.  As soon as your KLIFBOX is on the way, you will be sent a notification email with your Colissimo tracking number. 

Where are you shipping to?

We are currently shipping to France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United States.  If you didn’t land on the correct website, just head to the dropdown flag button on the top right corner of our website ;) 

How does billing work?

You're billed immediately when you sign up. That pays for your first KLIFBOX. All subscriptions are subject to automatic renewal and are re-billed on the 23rd. We will not charge you twice until you receive your first KLIFBOX!    For pre-paid subscription packages (“BIG WALL” and "SUMMIT"), we charge your card for the full amount at the time of purchase. After that, we will charge your credit card on the 23rd of the month after the last KLIFBOX of the pre-paid subscription has shipped. Your credit card will again be charged the full amount for the same pre-paid subscription package you chose.  If you decide to purchase a gift, you will be asked at checkout if you want this subscription to renew after the last box has shipped. Un-tick the box if you want a single purchase. :) 

How do I cancel a subscription?

Although we’re sorry to see you go, you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time via your account. You will be sent any remaining KLIFBOXES per your most recent renewal, but will not be charged again moving forward. 

I can't pay for the next KLIFBOX but don't want to quit forever!

Not a problem! There is an easy option you can activate directly from your account, called 'skip next renewal'.  Just click on this button. That way you won’t be charged (and won’t receive) the next KLIFBOX, but will be back on track after this one. 

How do I update my account information?

Log in to your account, then click on your name on the top bar menu to reach 'my account'. From here, you’re able to edit your account settings, shipping address and credit card information. 

How do I update my climbing profile?

In the 'order confirmation' email you received at the time you subscribed, there's a link to a survey that you can always refer to, and that will automatically update your climbing profile :) In case you would not have this email anymore, get in touch with our team at we'll send you the link!

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns or exchanges. However, if any of your products are defective or have been damaged during shipping, please let us know at with an attached photo within 5 days of receiving your KLIFBOX to be eligible for a replacement. A product is considered replaceable based on the situation and can vary on a case by case basis. 

How do I contact you?

Any questions? Any suggestions? Give us a shout at We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!